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JSF receives Development Consent

A Development Consent has been granted for Jindera Solar Farm by the NSW Government.  This was obtained through a successful determination from the NSW Independent Planning Commission (IPC) on 22th December 2020. The $168-million Jindera Solar Farm Project, 4km north of Jindera, would contribute 120 megawatts (AC) of energy to the National Electricity Market. It will include a battery facility with a capacity of 30MW / 60MWh which will enable the project to store solar energy for dispatch to the grid outside daylight hours or during times of peak demand. It’s expected the Project will generate up to 200 construction and five ongoing operational jobs, as well as other direct and indirect benefits to the local community. Additionally, Jindera Solar Farm has developed local funding plans to provide sustainable returns and benefits to the local area via a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) with the Greater Hume Shire Council, worth $1.7m to the local community over the life of the project (plus CPI).  Development of the Jindera Solar Farm will now progress to its final phases before construction can start.  A copy of the determination can be found here
December 23, 2020
Solar Farm News

Jindera Solar Farm referred to Independent Planning Panel

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) have completed their assessment and have recommended that the proposed Jindera Solar Farm Project be approved. Details of the assessment, recommendation and proposed conditions of consent can be found here at the DPIE Major Projects Portal. The proposed project will now move to the next step of the State Significant Development assessment pathway and has been referred to the NSW Independent Planning Commission (IPC) for their final assessment. As part of the assessment, a public meeting will be held online on 27 November 2020. You are able to register your interest to speak at this meeting and have your say on the project via the IPC website. Written submissions will also be accepted until 4 December 2020. Details and further information regarding the IPC can be found here. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions or comments on the project, next steps and IPC process.  
November 16, 2020
Solar Farm News

Project Update (August 2020)

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) are completing their review of the project to determine whether in their opinion a Development Consent should be granted. In the interest of our commitment to the project, whilst we await their decision, we have continued to make some small amounts of progress where possible. JSF and Greater Hume Shire Council (GHSC) have continued progressing towards the finalisation of the Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA). Subject to final Council approval, and Development Consent of the proposed project, the VPA will deliver $1.7 million dollars to GHSC and the local community over the life of the project (adjusted with CPI). The proposed VPA will include $25,000 (adjusted with CPI) per year for 30 years towards a Community Contribution Fund, which will prioritise the funding of groups, clubs, community projects local to the Jindera area. JSF has provided all required information to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) to complete our application for Development Consent. The last round of responses to submissions included revised environmental, visual and noise impact assessments, to analyse the changes in impacts resulting from design modifications that accommodated an increase in setbacks from neighbouring properties, and also a significant retention of biodiversity areas, to reduce the overall environmental impact. These documents can be found on the DPIE Major Projects Portal. DPIE is currently undertaking their assessment of the application and working towards completing their recommendation, which will then go to the Independent Planning Commission for final assessment and determination. In hopes of a favourable determination and to show our commitment to progressing the proposed project, we are continuing our preliminary site investigation works, conducting a range of geological and geotechnical investigations and tests to assist us to better understand the site conditions, in respect to options for future construction. All geotechnical investigation is temporary in nature and the land will not change from its current state once the preliminary investigation works is complete. This site work will be relatively non-intensive and is currently planned to be approximately 12-16 on site days during weekdays, spread over an eight-week period during August to October, subject to weather conditions. It is expected that any impact on any neighbouring residence will be minor and not be too dissimilar to an impact from regular farming operations. This will include the use of machinery and vehicles on various locations across the site, for test piles, test bore hole and test pits. As stated, all work is temporary, meaning test piles will be removed, and pits/ holes will be backfilled and restored. JSF also continues to build our expression of interest register of local suppliers and potential work force, with the goal of having a maximum portion of work force and supply chain from local sources. We also continue to investigate further training and education opportunities with local providers and institutions.
August 20, 2020
Solar Farm News

Assessment process

Jindera Solar Farm is now on Development Approval Assessment process. Several Requests for Information (RFI) from DPIE were received via the NSW DPIE Portal in respect of further information for the Development Application. All RFIs have been dealt with and changes to the design, layout and infrastructure have been proposed as a result of additional consultation with relevant agencies and investigation. The development footprint has been refined to strengthen the environment safeguards that form a commitment of the proposal. These documents have been uploaded to the Major Projects Portal. DPIE is now performing their assessment of DA & EIS, submissions, RtS and response to RFIs and it is anticipated that their recommendation for determination could be available soon.
June 18, 2020
Solar Farm News

Completion of Response to Submissions and Amendment Report

Jindera Solar Farm has now completed their Response to Submissions and Amendment Report, and these documents have been uploaded to the Major Projects Portal. The Response to Submission (RtS) document outlines the points and issues raised by the community, organisations and government authorities, and JSF's response to these issues. Some extra investigation and analysis was conducted in this process, and this can be seen in the appendices of new and revised reports. Amendments were made to the proposal, due to feedback received and further investigation, to ensure the proposed project gave the greatest benefit to the local community, and reduced impacts where possible. These changes have been outlined in the Amendment Report. The proposal now moves into the Assessment phase, where the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment assess the EIS, RtS, Amendment report and associated documents in order to give their determination. JSF thanks everyone that has been involved in this process, and looks forward to continuing engagement and consultation in the future. Although the formal submission period is now closed, JSF extends the invitation to everyone to contact us and continue to have their say regarding the proposed project. This can be done here.    
March 31, 2020
Solar Farm News

Finalisation of Response to Submissions

Jindera Solar Farm has continued engagement and consultation with Greater Hume Shire Council and the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment throughout the Response to Submissions stage. We are currently finalising the response in anticipation to lodge. Once the Response to Submissions is submitted, the documentation will be uploaded on the DPIE portal.
March 3, 2020
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Response to Submissions

The Jindera Solar Farm Environmental Impact Statement and specialist reports were put on public exhibition from 16th October 2019 to 13th November 2019. 125 submissions were received, including 11 from public authorities, 2 from private organisations and 112 from the community. The EIS documentation and submissions can be viewed on the DPIE portal. We are now compiling the Response to Submissions report which includes further engagement, site investigation, analysis, updating of reports and exploration of further opportunities, to respond to these submissions. The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment had issued a request for the response to be provided by Monday 13 January 2020. Due to the time constraints of the holiday period, and the need for some further site investigation an extension has been provided to submit the response during February. Once the Response to Submissions is submitted, the documentation will be uploaded on the DPIE portal. Consultation with organisations, public authorities and the community is ongoing. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments.
January 21, 2020
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Exhibition of Jindera Solar Farm EIS

The Jindera Solar Farm Development Application was accepted by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment in October 2019. The Jindera Solar Farm Environmental Impact Statement and specialist reports will be publicly exhibited for 28 days by the Department. These reports can be found here, and you can record your feedback through submissions made through the DPIE portal. Submissions can be made until 13 November 2019.
October 21, 2019
Solar Farm News

SEAR’s Received

Today we received our Environmental Assessment Requirement (SEAR’s) response from Planning NSW. The document can be viewed on the Department of Planning & Environment web site, go to Major Projects Assessments and search for Jindera Solar Farm. The document sets out the minimum requirements for the studies and reporting we will undertake as part of our Environmental Impact Assessment process in support of our Development Application.
September 14, 2018